Blue Pool Road
Happy Valley



Platinum Winner of Interior Design – Residential
室內設計 – 住宅項目白金獎


Finalist of Residential Apartment Under £1M


Winner of Residential Interior Apartment
Hong Kong

Private Individual Client

The theme behind this richly elaborated futuristic home is borrowed from the legendary art of Han Dynasty white jade. Profound purity and moral integrity represented in the art and laborious craftsmanship of white jade art and craftsmanship is infused through flowing space plan and diligent details mimicking artisan’s crafting marks on a precious jade which drawing out ethereal intensity. As literal and technical gentility revealed in the quality of jade artisans, the spiritually empowered white tone with its progressively evolving forms throughout the living area fosters a unique standard of nobility.

Living Room & Dining Room

Corridor & Balcony

Master Bedroom & Study Room